New : Cigar Cases made of Lizard leather

January 2019

The natural tone of the skin is preserved : colors are ranging from
beige to dark gray.
The aesthetics of each case is unique.
The apparent scales offer a harmonious and singular relief.
The leather finish gives a soft and smooth touch to the pocket humidor.
Discover the new lizard cases with our retailers !

FALLON in Auto-Moto

01 Octobre 2018

We are proud to introduce this extract of the french TV program Auto-Moto, from septembre 23rd 2018 :…/grand-format-harley-davidson-115-ans-d…

The two Harleys, are all leather-covered at the french workshop FALLON.
Sheathed in Buffalo leather, or with exotic skins : crocodile, ostrich legs ...
Leathers are resistant to gasoil and water.

The Drak Fire

August 2018

A custom-made creation for a flamboyant result : the motorbike is
dismantled and worked piece by piece, no detail is left out. It is a work of careful adjustment, adapted

to the shapes and curves of the bike.

This is not the first try for FALLON, as they already carried out two « Haute Couture» Harleys before this one. The choices made to dress this Cross Bones have been turned to precious and exotic leathers:

Buffalo Sherpa, Ostrich Legs, Crocodile or Alligator.

An ingenuous research of harmony between the natural reliefs of leathers
and the curves of the Harley. Crocodile and Ostrich legs ‘ scales accentuate even more the movement games.
Leathers are resistant against water and gasoline.

Drak Fire: «DRAK» means dragon, in Czech.
The first official trip of the Drak Fire took place in the Czech Republic, during the 115th Harley-Davidson anniversary (07-2018 / Prague).

A gilding collaboration

January 2018

In a short TV report about Manuela Paul-Cavalier, artist and creator of golden pieces, we perceive 3 FALLON Pocket Humidors, that have been worked with gold by the artist, in a context of a collaboration with Patrick FALLON.
"Je me suis inspirée des dessins naturels du cuir, de la profondeur et de la sensualité de cette matière vibrante pour faire dialoguer la lumière des ors avec le cuir. " Manuel Paul-Cavalier

Watch the video on our facebook page :

TV report - Télématin - 23 january 2018

The Rake - Press article online

August 2017

How Fallon Cigar Cases Protect Against the Elements
Written by Nick Foulkes

"Travelling with cigars is a tricky business. Thankfully, Fallon has come up with an airtight and waterproof solution that ranks as highly in performance as it does on looks...."

Fallon adventure short stories !

May 2017
Find all our latest Newsletters online:
Discover or re-read the news and current events of FALLON,
before embarking for a trip with pictures all around the world.

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L'Amateur de Cigare - Article

Mars 2017

Our Valet Tray, blue and truffe, is presented in "L'amateur de Cigare" n°117. 
Read the Article 

2017 New Catalog

January 2017

Browse our new interective 2017 catalog and discover our last creation :




Cigar Aficionado - " Hit the open road"

November 09th 2016

To complete the Gentlemen Adeventurers ' accessories, FALLON created a all coated orange Buffalo Leather flask.
The precious item is displayed on a two-pages spread in Cigar Aficionado 's last edition.


Fallon is launching his own e-shop !

24 Août 2016

Discover the new interactive e-shop Fallon Aventurier, a website dedicated to Gentlemen & Gentlewomen Adventurer.

Fallon composes a universe, inspired from their own travels writting, reports and adventures, when they were testing the Pocket humidors in a real context.

High-end models Knives, exclusives articles for expeditions, unique Falloncuir's creations ... The e-shop offers all the equipment necessary to Gentlemen Adventurers !

A new retailer !

April 11th 2016

2 place saint maurice
74000  Annecy

Come and Visit it :  Falloncuir pocket humidors are available there !

Cigar Aficionado - The Great Adventurers

Novembre 2015

Falloncuir takes part of a 2 pages picture and article about "Great Adventurers".
"Even the most restless wanderers need a safe haven to kick back with a smoke."

Pocket Humidors NIXES Giraffe (Buffalo leather, Sublimes)

in Cigar Aficionado, November 2015

New Press Article- L'Amateur de Cigare

03 07 2015

Quand un maroquinier, membre des Grands Ateliers de France, est aussi un fumeur de choix, il confectionne avec amour des caves de poche dédiées aux amateurs avertis. Et Patrick Fallon est un as de l'étui télescopique. Sous le signe de la mythologie, Aura,  "la brise" , conserve durant cinq jours et dans d'excellentes conditions deux cigares. Voyage, voyage ...

The Rake International - Article

February 2015

A four pages article published in The Rake last international edition.
Nick Foulkes with a lot of humour, praises Falloncuir Pocket Humidors ' "astonishing performances".

Have a look on the Press tab !

Nixes Flat US CUBA

22 01 2015

2013 : The Nixes Flat USA CUBA is born
2014 : End of the embargo USA / CUBA

A pocket humidor that could be a kind of "avant-gardist" ....

Falloncuir Advertisement


As the winter season is quickly approaching, the Epicure Cigare Club 's President (Nice, France) has put her skis on. She skis down the pistes with our Nixes Red Smoothed Ostrich Legs Pocket Humidor. A Gentlewoman, adventurer and sporty, that is not without elegance !
Published in L'amateur de Cigare, n°103, December 2014

Falloncuir Advertisement


A wind of adventure has inspired the Vice-president of “Pour une poignée de Cigare” Club (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)
Captain for a day, captain for life, he fits well with our Buffalo Blue Iris Nixes and shares at the same time his passions; A traveler in love with Sea & Cigars.

Published in L’Amateur de Cigare, n°101, July/August 2014

Falloncuir Advertisement

October 13th 2014

The Habana Cigar Club’s president (Lyon) is making a stopover visit to pose with us.
With a Red Ostrich legs Nixes pocket humidor, he is ready to run the adventurer.
Dear adventurers, our pocket humidors follow you in every circumstance.    

Published in L’Amateur de Cigare, n°102, September 2014

A new retailer

August 22th 2014

Davidoff Zabia Bruxelles
1, Place du Grand Sablon
+32 (0)2 512 94 22 goes through a slight makeover.

June 2014 has found itself a place on a Safari background! new design relies on an off-the-wall construction, combining Elegance with the Wild and based on our “Gentleman & Adventurer” philosophy.

The call of Adventure feed our lust for discovery. Our Pocket Humidors travel, they carry a history and memories. Every single pocket humidor builds its own identity over the experiences.

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The « Cigares et Divas » Club’s president (Villemomble/Paris) shares with us her taste for adventure through a photo session.  
She is holding one of our Nixes pocket humidors, made of Smoothed Ostrich legs.
That’s a real Gentlewoman Adventurer!
Published in L’amateur de Cigare, n°100, May/June 2014

Falloncuir in LifeStyle.... China !


Read the article on LifeStyle China Online version :

Falloncuir Advertisement


Hyères Cigar Club’s president meets the challenge and brings to light his Gentlemen & Adventurer side.

He poses and puts himself forward along with our Falloncuir pocket humidors.
We all have a hint of adventure inside us: let’s get in touch with it!

More adventurer presidents to come…

Advertisement published in L’Amateur du Cigare, n°99, Mars 2014

Financial Times : How To Spend It

February 2014

January 11 2014

Nick Foulkes                                     


I am determined to fight the onset of age, not least the truism about getting old that stipulates that one needs less. I do not like to think of myself as being too superficial, but knick-knacks, bibelots, gimcracks, gewgaws – let’s just say stuff in general – are a powerful distraction from contemplation of the futility of human existence.

Thus, one off the great benefits of smoking cigars is the vista of accessories that such a pastime opens up. I am forever being entranced by a new lighter, cutter, ashtray or, as happened recently, cigar case. My latest discovery is the Fallon. I was introduced to these cigar cases by Edward Sahakian, the panjandrum of Davidoff, who explained their almost magical properties.

While made of buffalo hide, ostrich, alligator and so forth, they are so well put together that they form a virtually airtight seal, preserving cigars for days on end. Edward’s son, Eddie, tried it and the cigars lasted for over a month and emerged in perfect condition. As well as maintaining the right microclimatic conditions, the Fallon cigar case is also apparently water-resistant. When Mr Fallon visited Davidoff to demonstrate the efficacy of his invention, he poured water all over it and then, after a little while, simply shook the moisture off.

Patrick Fallon sounds like one of those craftsmen with which France seems to abound (viz Henri Zaks of Seraphin and Pierre Corthay of the eponymous shoemaker): cheerfully irreverent yet deadly serious about their métier, and possessed of skills that show why France can still do luxury like no other country on earth. Had cigars been knocking around the court of the Sun King, then Louis XIV and his cronies would have been using Fallon cases.

Fallon worked for Hermès before opening a workshop in Annecy 30 years ago and his independent spirit is to be congratulated. As he says in his brochure: “If I had let a marketing study guide my decisions, our precious pocket humidors would never have existed.” It seems that Monsieur Fallon is also a bit independent in his choice of holiday destinations. Whereas you and I might find nothing wrong with a week or two at the Hôtel du Cap, Monsieur Fallon turns out to be an amateur adventurer as well as an amateur of cigars, so he tests his inventions himself, journeying to deserts and rainforests where he subjects his cases to roasting heat and immersion in piranha-infested waterways.

There is even a special Alpine case called the Yeti, which is covered in fur, a sort of cigar-smoking riposte to the fur-covered moonboots that appear to be coming back into fashion. I have yet to find a cigar that tastes as good several thousand metres above sea level as it does on the Malecón in Havana. However, now that I know of the existence of the Yeti, I am inspired to renew my studies of high-altitude cigar smoking. It is the sort of thing that gives one’s life purpose and meaning.

AFRICAN TEST advertising

January 2014

FALLONCUIR exhibit from September 11 to 15, 2013

September 2013

Revelations Salon - Grand Palais in Paris

Stand the Grands Ateliers de France (B56/C9)



Jully 2013

This collection "AFRICAN TEST" consists of 3 pockets humidors NIXES FLAT. Animals represented in the COLLECTION AFRICAN TEST are GIRAFFE, ZEBRA and LION.

We started with photos taken during our trip in Africa; we drew with the pictures a graphically gilding iron. This hot brand is visible when you opening the pocket humidor. To create this collection we use leather Buffalo and fur Orylag.


Collection AFRICAN TEST is composed of 3 pockets humidors: 1 Giraffe, 1 Lion, 1 Zebra. They will be sold together in a sealed box "Nanuk". This box stands shock. Moreover, with its seal box you can carry your pockets humidors, your cigars, digital camera, and arms ... case specially designed for adventurers.













Helmet Falloncuir

July 2013









June 2013



FALLONCUIR exposes all the month of June at HARRODS London.

FALLONCUIR advertising

May 2013

YETI - New Product

Septembre 2012

This new pocket humidor, of the most original, is made in Orylag fur and Buffalo leather.

Patrick Fallon is opposed to taking animals from their natural environment for made our pocket humidors. Orylag fur answers at this quality and ethical process. Orylag is a rare race of rabbit, raised in France and created by INRA.

The unique softness of Orylag fur and its natural light will attract cigar lovers and aficionados.

This new artisanal creation exists in EOLE (1 cigar) and NIXES (3 cigars) Sublime format. These pocket humidors are declined in following colours: Orylag Brown and Buffalo Truffle or Orylag Grey and Buffalo Black.

AURA Sublime Smoothed Ostrich Leg - New Product

July 2012

The place of the ostrich leg shell on the side of the case offers a very unique design for this new pocket humidor. This model exists in 15 different colors.

This Pocket Humidor is exclusively created in Sublime size (22mm diameter).




New Product - Pocket cigar cutter in Stingray

February 2012

The Stingray leather is a precious and rare; composed of hundreds of ivory pearls. This leather comes from stingray of the Indian Ocean. The company FALLONCUIR is one of the few factories to work Stingray curve and rounded with no visible connection.


New creation of the BOREE pocket humidor in Black Ostrich Leg

October 2011

Discover the new BOREE (5 cigars) pocket humidor in black ostrich leg. This pocket humidor is a unique piece made from 4 ostrich legs that were selected one by one. This pocket humidor will keep your cigars for up to 5 days without any humidifier.