Patrick Fallon, after earning a degree in leatherworking, joined Hermes' Trunk shop in 1981. Over three years, he acquired the legendary know-how of this exceptional brand. In 1984, Patrick Fallon opened his shop in Annecy, making and selling his own creations.

Thanks to his technical mastery and his attention to detail, the "FALLONCUIR ®" workshop worked for the top names in the business. In 1994, when the Annecy facilities had become too small, Fallon moved his business to the town of Poisy.

"FALLONCUIR ®" is a leatherworking factory relying on cutting-edge know-how and exclusively French handmade products. Patrick Fallon, a member of the Great Workshops of France (Grands Ateliers de France) and Journeymen, shares their common values, which are the culture of excellence, attention to detail, and passing down their knowhow.

Patrick Fallon, who served as president of the Annecy Centre for Young Leaders (Centre des jeunes dirigeants, CJD) and head of CJD training in the Rhône-Alpes region, shares the values of the CJD, "People are essential."

Patrick Fallon's passion for cigars arose from a gift from Serge Amoruso, a great Parisian leatherworker and long-time friend, who gave him his first cigar case made of rosewood and beaver tail. "The object was so beautiful that it made me want to fill it and so I bought my first cigars. The world of cigars fascinated me right away. I discovered an exceptional artisanal object that coincided with my culture of high quality leatherwork. It was that case and my friendship with Serge Amoruso that led me to the world of cigars."

The creation of the "FALLONCUIR ®" pocket humidors was born of a simple need. Patrick Fallon was in the habit of forgetting his cigars in cases, where they would dry out. "Since I couldn't find the ideal case, I created it," says Patrick Fallon, proudly.

Patrick Fallon puts the knowledge and virtuosity of his workshop's craftsmen into the service of one of his passions: cigars. "FALLONCUIR ®" pocket humidors are designed for well-informed "aficionados" and refined Cigar lovers, Men and Women of sense and pleasures. Our pocket humidors are telescopicand can hold different cigar sizes, from the "Robusto" to the "Montecristo-A." They also are available in the Sublimes model, which can hold larger diameter cigars thicker than 20mm such as El Monstruo, created by Tabac la Couronne, Salomons, and "Sublimes" cigars.

By mastering an exceptional technique and first-choice leathers, your pocket humidors will keep your "Puros" under excellent humidity conditions. These pocket humidors do not require a humidifier, and your cigars will have the best of protection, even in harsh environments like the desert, jungle, snow, and cold.

Patrick Fallon, a lover of the Amazon rainforest, has personally tested the pocket humidors in tropical rainforests. Your pocket humidors can accompany you on all your travels, even to the harshest environments, an indispensable accessory for the gentleman adventurer.

Out of respect for the Washington Convention and for the environment, our precious leathers come from farm-raised animals. Our pocket humidors are made from alligator, crocodile, ostrich, ostrich leg, stingray, buffalo, python, frog , and Orylag.

Our "FALLONCUIR ®" pocket humidors were created nine years ago and have been displayed in the windows of the most prestigious international cigar shops.