"FALLONCUIR ®" pocket humidors are designed for "aficionados," Men and Women of sense and pleasures. Our pocket humidors are telescopic and can hold different cigar sizes, from "Robustos" to the "Montecristo-A."

"FALLONCUIR ®" offers you different models of pocket humidors christened to pay tribute to the gods of wind, fire, and to aboriginal spirituality:

  • EOLE (AEOLUS) "1-cigar case" (Αΐολος).Son of Poseidon, master of the wind.
  • AURA "2-cigars case" (Αΰρα) from Greek mythology, means "the breeze". Zeus transformed her into a spring.
  • NIXES (NIXIES) "3-cigars case" these are three female water sprites whose statues represented "the efforts" in the popular spirit of Greek mythology.
  • WALLABY "3-cigars case" with a cigar cutter, an Australian Aborigine word referring to small kangaroos.
  • BOREE (BOREAS) "5-cigars case" (Вορέας) God of the North wind, brother of Zephyr. He is represented by a winged demon, of great physical strength.

Pocket humidors are offered in 2 formats: Classic and/or Sublimes. The "Sublimes" format can hold large-diameter cigars (22mm).

These exceptional products are manufactured with the finest skins: Alligator, Crocodile, Python, Buffalo, Stingray, Ostrich, Ostrich leg, Frog and Orylag. The leathers used in "FALLONCUIR ®" pocket humidors are inspected and selected individually upon their arrival in the workshop. These skins are from farm-raised animals and comply with the Washington Convention. Patrick Fallon, a passionate lover of the Amazon rainforest, is opposed to taking animals from their natural environment.

The pocket humidors are finely sheathed with or without stitching, in leather-lined leather, a natural and living material. The leather used for the lining is Sherpa Buffalo, which is resistant to humidity. Each pocket humidor is a unique artisanal work produced in our factory.

Before shipping, each pocket humidor holds a Havana for 7 days to give it an olfactory breaking-in.