A way of life and working

We live in a living world, a world of living men, women, and beings, in constant change. This living world is also home to animals, plants, and elements such as earth, air, fire, and water, visible and invisible elements. We are alive and transient, simple mortals living with our own changes and those of the planet we live on. 

We start dying as soon as we are born and we are walking towards this unavoidable settling date. Much more than how I am going to die, I am worried about how I live. Health, YES, Pleasure, YES, but not just in any way and not at the expense of the other, nor at the expense of the world I live in and which has been entrusted to me. I am just the current residentof what has been given to me for this unique existence. It is up to me to leave this world to future generations. There are many ways of dying, and they are varied and unavoidable; it is my responsibility to choose how I live.

LET'S LIVE! Preferably happy.